Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Jam Packed Year

This year has been very eventful. And so so jam packed that this is the first free Saturday I've had in ages.

Got officially engaged, but am so so busy with work that haven't been planning much... But it's ok, there's still time.
Looking for a place to live. That has been a huge roller coaster ride. But finally found a place and now in the process of getting a loan for it. Yay!
Despite being busy, we still squeeze time for each other. Thanks, love.

Bought a lot of craft stuff which are lying in the cupboard unused. This area of my life is neglected. Temporarily.
I rarely have the luxury of reading. I think I only read 10 books this year:
1. Bringing up bebe
2. Lone Wolf
3. Chicken Soup for Couples Soul
4. No 1 Ladies Detective Agency: The Good Husband of Zebra Drive
5. And the Mountains Echoed
6. I've Got Your Number
7. Bound to You
Audio Books (which I listen to while driving)
8. The Happiness Project
9. Happiness Hypothesis
10. You are not so Smart 
Plus a few unfinished Montessori books.
One more month till the end of the year. Hopefully I can read a little more!
Update: Read another 5 books the past week! 
11. Committed 
12. Chicken Soup: Here Vomes the Bride
13. 40 Love
14. Sing Me Home
15. Chicken Soup: Married Soul

Holidays and Road Trips
Trip to Penang for bf's friends wedding
Went to Boracay!! Super duper awesome! Many thanks to bf's happily married brother and sister-in-law.
Family trip to Taiping, a quiet and quaint little town. In other words, a bit boring lah. Haha.
Church trip to Penang and Cameron Highlands.
Year End trip to come: Desaru! YAY!

Looking forward to Year 2014!!!
The year I become Mrs Randall.

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