Monday, January 20, 2014


This is The Year. The Year I've been waiting for. The Year I get married to My Favourite Person. 

My preparation? Wellllll, I'm kinda busy and neglected wedding plans a bit...... But, I've decided to take these ten months to read as much as I can to get myself prepared for married life. Over the years I've read a number of relationship books, not that my relationship is bad, but I read of people saying they wish they had read this book earlier and that would save a lot of heartache. So that's exactly what I'm doing. I'm learning from others' mistakes. 

Here are some of the books on my reading list.

I also downloaded some audiobooks, Your Brain on Love by Stan Tatkin and Happily Ever After by Gary Chapman. 

Other than that, I'm super busy at work and my goal is just to be able to maintain my energy level. Working with kids is super energy consuming so that means an earlier bed time. Haha. I'll try my best... At least I'm not taking evening classes any more. (First time in three years I'm getting weekday evenings off!! Super!) 

I'll also be moving to my new place soooo that would be another Big Task to do. 

2014 is gonna be a super year!