Thursday, January 5, 2017

A quarter of a century

2016 was...interesting. I turned 25, which was a milestone? In some ways. Hence I shall list 25 things that happened in 2016!

1. Left Odyssey. When I leave, I leave a piece of my heart with the kids.
2. Stayed at Fraser's Hill for Valentines Day - and ran away from the CNY hot weather.
3. Went back to Tweedlewink Playhouse where we worked crazy hard and put in crazy hours and practically ran the whole place.
4. Hm things didn't quite work out in Playhouse so we left Playhouse. (Long and complicated story) Left another piece of my heart there.
5. At crossroads again...what am I to do next? Options options...
6. Decided to continue my studies! Pursuing Play Therapy.
7. Went to Melbourne. Experienced snow for the first time. Fell in love with Melbourne. Left a piece of my heart in Melbourne.
8. Took a break from work.
9. Wrote articles for The Sun.
10. Binged on TV series - Parks & Rec and Downton Abbey
11. Asked to go back to Odyssey. Bittersweet experience.
12. Started Play Therapy course. Learned so much!! So excited to embark on this new journey.
13. Spent a lot buying toys for my practice.
14. Turned 25!
15. Roller coaster journey in Odyssey.
16. Celebrated our 2-year anniversary back in Mines.
17. Ended the odyssey in Odyssey. Leaving another piece of my heart.
18. Year end holiday in Kuching. Loved loved loved the beautiful suite we stayed in.
19. Year end holiday in Singapore! Had a great time with great friends.
20. Spent too much on holidays.
21. Decided to try to apply to migrate to Aussie.
22. Decided to focus on studies in 2017 while working part time.
23. Happy to end a crazy year.
24. Looking forward to beginning a new year.
25. Counted down in a cafe with the whole place just staring at us.

May 2017 be a better year!!