Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Thankful :)

In lieu of celebrating thanksgiving in school (we are learning about USA this month),

I'm thankful to be a part of God's family. That I have great brothers and sisters.

I'm thankful that I have found the love of my life, and that I have the privilege of spending most of my being with him. He has shaped me to be what I am and he brings me much joy and happiness and a great future to look forward to.

I'm thankful for my wonderful family that support me in all I do.

I'm thankful that I have found my passion. Work that I love and enjoy. Work that fills me with love and teaches me kindness and patience.

I'm thankful for a wonderful workplace, where we share the same values. A workplace with wonderful colleagues, a workplace that helps me grow and makes me want to learn more.

I'm thankful for all physical blessings: a peaceful (enough) country where there's no war, a car that I can drive, a beautiful house, good food I can eat, my physical health.

I'm indeed blessed :)