Saturday, January 1, 2011

Reflections on 2010 & Hopes for 2011 =)

Its 1/1/11 people! Ushered in the new year as I do every single year, with the church =) But, this time,we the youths organized it. It was awesome. I admit I didn't help as much as I'd like to as I was busy working =( So I only helped out in the kids' corner. But this year's Year End Gathering was awesome.

After the YEG, we the girls went to mamak to hang out and chit chat, then back to the church building to continue, as is the tradition of new year =) Had fun hanging out with Boon, Wei Li, Ai Vee, Cheer Cheers, Win Win, Jonathan Lee & my dear. Lol. It was an entertaining night. This time we didn't play as many lame games (maybe I'm growing old?) and we actually slept at 5.30.

Looking back at the past year, I think 2010 was an OK year for me. Mostly hung out with my church buddies. Did meet up with the gang quite a few times too. Went for BBQ, sleepover, Ktv, dinner, Malacca. Gotta spenf more time with them! Thats my resolution for 2011. Only met the 5a2 peeps a couple of times..during CNY and the so called "mini gathering". Oh, and 2010 also marks the 5th year for my dear & me. Hehe, seems like we've been together for ever eh? Hope u don't get bored of me ahaha. We're at a point of our relationship where it's...comfortable =) Everything is just going smoothly.

Work was so so..started out in Tumble Tots till March, then hopped toSri Johan in May (met new frens including Tracy who I work with now), and in December, TweedleWink. I guess 2011 will be more predictable. After all, I signed a 2 year contract with TW, so that's where I'll be the whole year long.

2011 will also be the year I finally graduate! Just 7 more weeks of studies and I'm done! It'd be a whole new experience, working full time. Big stepping stone eh. In 2011 I won't be a teen anymore. I'd be a -ty in September. I feel there's nothing wrong or sad about growing old. It's part of life. And it kinda marks the "not studying, working full time" stage of my life. Of course I'd continue my studies. But, I'm not sure what to do yet. So these 2 years working with TW is a break from my studies and then only I'll decide what to do next. I'll go where the wind blows me =) This year, I'll be the Sunday School Coordinator, too. Huge pressure there..really hope I can cope and do well what with the working full time and everything.

Well, all the best to everyone in 2011. Have an awesome year ahead!