Thursday, June 30, 2011

Blowing off steam

I don't understand why in the world we need to do this. This is unnecessary. The child is able to turn pages singly, draw shapes, build towers. So, yay, good job child. You are developing your fine motor skills like other kids out there. WHY DO I NEED TO SUPPORT THIS OBSERVATION WITH THEORIES ON WHY SHE IS ABLE TO DO THIS? Why is she able to build towers with blocks? Why she is able to turn pages?

You think teachers are so very free that they go find theories to find out why a child can build blocks? This crap is just not practical. No teacher in the right mind does this nonsense.

Can't wait to just finish this nonsense up.

Friday, June 24, 2011

I Go to School at Beaconhouse

I have finally completed my 240 hours at Beaconhouse! It has been an amazing experience. Even though I was WAAAAY underpaid (If you really want to know, I got less than 2 bucks an hour), I really don't mind. After all it is just an internship and I wasn't supposed to get anything in the first place. And what I didn't get in terms of money, I got paid by the children with love.

Teaching is really such a rewarding career. You get to play with children, comfort them, help them grow, be their best friend. It's really amazing. You are their "mummy" in school. Especially for those who just entered school. They have such a hard time because they just miss their parents so much. They need someone to comfort them, to assure them that mummy will come back. And they get attached to you. Can you imagine the impact that you make when your mere presence comforts them? I'm glad I was there for these children. I'd like to think that I made a difference in my life just as they have made a difference in mine.

They gave me so many hugs and kisses. (Sorry dear, don't be jealous ya. Lol.) I will remember each smile, each laugh, each hug and store it in my heart forever. I love all of you children so much.

Teacher Yen Nee