Saturday, December 3, 2011


One year!!
I've been here for one year! In Winky, I mean. Time flies, doesn't it? There's so much that I've learnt here. For the record, it's the longest job I've had. Cultilect lasted 6 months, Tumbly 10 months, SJohan 7 months. I guess those jobs just didn't suit me. I'm really picky. Really picky. 

5 reasons why I love my job (in no particular order).

1. My bosses aren't around.
Yeah, they have the "Eye in the Sky" (CCTV), but I like to think that they are too busy with their own lives to be monitoring us all the time. 

2. Great Colleague
Yup, only 1 colleague! The joy. No need to fuss around with "office politics". And the great colleague is just so funny. LOL

3. Cosy environment
Well, it is my second home, and I've practically turned it into a home. Yes, we even have our toothbrush and toothpaste here!

4. Children, children, children!
I love children. And the job is just nice - I don't have to see children the whole day long, only when there are classes. Nice balance.

5. Knowledge
You have no idea how much knowledge I've gained. A really steep learning curve. Thanks to all the training and sharing by Pamela (She's the Best!), and learning from the lessons. Can you imagine repeating the same lessons 20 times a week. I actually learn the most! From learning about countries to elements of the periodic table to frogs. Things I never learnt in school, I actually teach to kids. 

Here's to one more year, and then I'll see how things go =)