Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My 2012

I turned 21.
I made my first passport.
Road trips
- March: Malacca with youths
- May: Janda Baik with luv
- June: Frasers Hill with family
- Sep: Bukit Tinggi with green tea gang
- Dec: Bukit Tinggi with luv
- Dec: Malacca, Johor & Singapore with youths
Took 5000 pics with my camera
Read 30 books
A honeymoon year at work - very relaxing.
Bid farewell to my awesome job.
Bid farewell to awesome friends: Jodie & Su Cheng.
Made new friend: awesome colleague Eunice.
Spent too much on facials.
Spent too much on books.

Goodbye 2012!

2013, I welcome you with open arms: exciting plans ahead!
I want to:
Work: Learn more, earn more, save more.
Health: 5 servings of fruit & vegetables a day.
Love: Change relationship status soon!!!