Thursday, March 29, 2012

Habits and Routines

Life is good. Life is laid back. I am actually enjoying the moments before going back to my study + work life. After that will be marriage, children... And I won't have so much free time! So now, I actually hope to inculcate some good habits into my daily routine. 

1. Right brain training
I am currently working in a right brain education center. The right brain is truly amazing. However, most adults have bridged over to the left brain. I am hoping to "activate" my right brain through simple eye exercise and photo eye play. 

This is from on the Wink program.

The Wink: Right Brain Education learning program is unique because it breaks Right Brain Education down into seven very unique steps:
  1. Step 1: Alpha Wave Relaxation
    Alpha Wave Relaxation is the process of adjusting the thought waves to a relaxed, loving alpha wave frequency. It is a vital preparatory step to right brain learning because once the mind is in an alpha wave state, it can actively work with all the images stored in the vast chambers of the subconscious mind.
  2. Step 2: Eye Exercises
    Eye Exercises strengthens the ability to focus, increases the scanning speed, stimulates brain development, accelerates memory retrieval, integrates the right and left hemispheres of the brain and heightens sensitivity.
  3. Step 3: PhotoEyeplay
    PhotoEyeplay is a unique visual process which helps develop visualization by allowing the mind to create clear mental images, opening subconscious aspects of the right hemisphere of the brain, which governs memory, intuition and creativity.
  4. Step 4: Mental Imaging
    Mental Imaging is the powerful process of creating vivid two- and three- dimensional images in the mind. Through practice, the images become holographic, tangible images that involve all of the senses.
  5. Step 5: Observation Training
    Observation Training is a means of training the eye to see more details of every image. The more details you consciously observe, the more vivid the memory.
  6. Step 6: Memory Linking
    Memory Linking consists of learning items in order by including a nonsensical story linking system which encourages the brain to visualize each component in a fun, upbeat way!
  7. Step 7: Photographic Memory 
    and Speed Reading
    Photographic memory consists of remembering several things at once, in order or at random. We play with picture images (photographic memory), words (speed reading), math quantity and more! This type of instant memory is considered to be more right brain and fosters creativity and intuition in learning.

2. Innertalk 
This is a wonderful and amazing program. Costly, but I think the benefits are worth the investment. It is a thought modification program. Subliminal messages are played beneath songs to subconsciously input positive messages. 

From what I understand, the subconscious mind is powerful, but there is a barrier in getting messages to the subconscious, that is the conscious mind. Let's say you want to lose weight, and you try to tell yourself that you are thin, you are healthy. Your conscious mind might block that because you can consciously see that you are NOT thin or healthy.

So far, I haven't seen any tangible results because the programs I have (maximizing both brains, ultra success power) are, well, not tangible! But I believe that if you believe and keep an open mind, you will reap the results. More info about innertalk here.

3. Studying the Bible
I want to be a better Christian, and how else to do it than by reading God's Word! For faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. I aim to read at least an article a day and to listen to church hymns. 

4. Brain Gym
Movements activate the brain.  I have bought the book here but it hasn't arrived yet. I will post more about it when I understand more. You can check out some brain gym exercises from YouTube.

5. Read!
I have bought a huge pile of books online and from Sales and I haven't really caught up on all yet! There's a mixture of fiction, nonfiction, parenting, self-help, relationships and spiritual books. My aim is just a few pages a day as time permits! There's always time to learn! =)

My pile of unread books!