Monday, February 28, 2011

My Off Day =)

I'm so used to being busy that I feel so sien during my day off. Lol.
Went to Beaconhouse Kindergarten in Southern Park. It looks like a good school and I like the principal! =) High chance I'll go there for my practicum. They don't pay, though. But it's ok, I'll just take it as a learning experience. I still have income coming in from Tweedle Wink anyways.
Went to the bank to open FD. Haha. Not quite sure what I was doing but I guess nothing much can go wrong - it's a bank; not like the previous ING fiasco (I open a savings account with ING & my account lapsed cos my agent din handle properly)
Then I went for facial. So nice to get to pamper myself..haha. I sure miss that! Cost a bomb, though. Spent RM444 on two facial treatments and a travel kit package and they give a free cleanser. Considerably affordable la.
I went to Aeon just to get me a new bag! So bored with the old one (yeah, it was my mum's). The new one is bright pink. More age-appropriate, I hope. I only went there for half an hour. See! I had an aim: buy bag and I stuck to the agenda! Good job!
I am on an 10 apples a day detox diet. Sucks, wei. I miss FOOD! But I really need to do this. Hopefully after this I won't always feel so tired and my face will clear up!

Well, gotta get back to work!

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I'm finishing my college classes soon! Just one week study break, one week of classes and exam..and WOOHOO! I'm finished!

I've been calling up schools to check out for my practicum. Busy busy break! Hopefully all will turn out smoothly. Will be super hectic working two jobs at once. But, once I'm able to get through this 3 months, I know I can get through anything! =D

We're starting to feel a little nostalgic. After 2 years plus with this bunch of 12 girls.. We've had great memories. Doing assignments together, staying over, working together, playing together, debating with each other, complaining bout work together, being bored in class together.. I'll miss you guys. I'm sure we'll all acheive great things in this field! =D =D

It's been a great journey. Here's to more great journeys ahead!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's The End

CNY break is over. It's gone way too fast...I didn't even have time to meet my frens or my mum's side relatives. I'm so sorry.. IT;s not that I don't want..just that I'm really really busy and there's no time!

It's the first time ever I'm so last minute for my assignments. Sighs..