Monday, February 27, 2012

Books books books!

In these 2 months this year, I've finished 9 books! Mind you, I didn't say I started and finished them this year. A couple of those (non fiction stuff) were started yonks ago and I've just finished.

1. Mini Shopaholic
I wasn't supposed to buy this, but I've read the other shopaholic books and it was i couldn't resist. Sophie Kinsella is my favourite chick lit author. I used to read others when I was in high school, but I like her best. As usual it was an easy and enjoyable read, but somehow it wasn't my favourite.

2. Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Cabin Fever
This was not for me. My sis and bro have the entire series so I felt we HAVE to have it. I don't usually count it in  books I've read since it's half pictures. But I like it! A great book especially for those who don't fancy reading and need to have picture books.

3. Chicken Soup for the Girls' Soul
This I bought for my sis, but I LOVE chicken soup. Always heartwarming. =)

4. The Pact - Jodi Picoult
I must confess - I didn't actually finish it. I don't buy Jodi Picoult anymore - I borrowed it from the Shah Alam library (a beautiful gorgeous place but sadly lacking books). Her stories are so long winded and usually the ending leaves me HUH? I just skipped through the chapters and until I reached the last and found out the ending. It's about this young couple who were destined to be together, but she died. The main suspect was the guy and bla bla bla..

5. Blue Water
Also borrowed from library - also an OK read about loss and grief and forgiveness.

6. Love is a Verb - Gary Chapman
It was kind of like Chicken Soup style, with different people sharing their stories in going through tough challenging situations.

7. Bright from the Start
A parent from TW lent this book to me. It is about brain research stuffs in bringing up kids. It is very practical, lots of activities suggested which are explained with lots of evidences from brain research. This took me a looooong time to finish, but I learnt a lot! Lots of ideas for my future.

8. Hothouse Kids - The Dilemma of the Gifted Child
Interesting read, took a long time to finish cos I left it at my office and read when there's free time where I didn't feel like 9gagging. Got it at the Big Bad Wolf for 10 bucks! It is thought provoking, especially since I'm teaching in an accelerated learning program. I believe that in everything there must be a balance. You want to teach them and make them smart? Don't overdo it. They'll be super bored in normal school. Sure you can give your child a headstart (I certainly would!), but follow their pace and let them enjoy their childhood. I do not agree in all the competition nonsense at such a young age.

9. Prisoner of Tehran - Marina Nemat
I finished this in 2 days. A really really good read. A memoir of a girl who was imprisoned in Iran during the political revolution. Makes me feel blessed to be in Malaysia where we do not have these stuff. It might not be the best place on earth, but we have peace. That's enough to make me content. =)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Little Things in Life that Make Me Smile =)

My Awesome Start of 2012
 Family =)
 Ah Tai's Birthday!

 Thank you notes for those who prepared a lovely meal for us to enjoy!
 Cooking my own lunch at work!
 Little Myla "sayang-ing" Littler Arianne!
 My Favourite Boy! 


I am a happy happy girl indeed. =)