Monday, October 31, 2011

Random random

I've been kinda bored recently, so just to update on my boring life. LOL.

This month I spent so much on books! Not just books for me, but for Su Yen and my children's storybook collection as well. Spent about RM300 cos I went to Logos Hope, the Big Bad Wolf Sale and also got some brainy books from Popular.

Below are some random photos of what I do at work, when I'm not working. My workplace has become my second home. I spend most of my waking time here. I even nap here haha.

My expensive but cute teapot for my camomile & green tea. =)

A failed first attempt at making green bean soup. 

We were too impatient to wait for the slow cooker so i brought this steamboat multipurpose cooker thingy. Randall says I use it so much it's "almost like I'm in a relationship with it" He's just weird. XP

Yup, we're equipped with everything from oil to bread knife to peanut butter and jelly to enzyme. 

And randomly, my children's storybook collection! =)

Monday, October 10, 2011

Books of 2011

Reading a book without reflecting is like looking in the mirror and seeing that you have dirt on your face but do nothing about it. This year I didn't have much time to read because of my hectic schedule the first half of the year. I have a huge pile of books waiting to be read and I've been rushing to finish them, well, for the sake of finishing them. Then I realise, what's the point of reading then? So I told myself I will write about it, as to force myself to reflect upon them.

I have been reading more non-fiction (a sign of growing old?) and a lot of them are parenting books (another sign of growing old?)

1. Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina
- I did write about it in my teacher blog. If you really wanna know more you can check it out. (I doubt anyone will haha)

2. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mum by Amy Chua
- I also wrote about it here.

3. Siblings Without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish
- This is a parenting book about raising children without labeling them or having competition between siblings. It is really easy to read. Do read it if you plan to be a parent.

4. Positive Discipline for Preschoolers by Jane Nelsen, Cheryl Erwin and Roslyn Duffy
- They teach of kind and firm parenting, using loving, cooperative, non-punitive methods. Most of them seem like common sense methods, but its surprising how many people do not use these "common sense methods" in disciplining their children. Especially in Asia.

5. Stories for my Mother by Chong Sheau Ching
- I used to read her column in the papers. When moving house, I just happened to stumble upon my mum's copy and so I read it. I do find her stories inspiring.

6. How Starbucks Saved My Life by Michael Gates Gill
- Quite an easy read, but I found it a bit, artificial? It was kinda promoting starbucks and seems like he wrote this book for his ego. I don't really know how to describe it. It's about this old guy who was very high up the corporate ladder and had to start from scratch, working at starbucks. He became all humble and stuff and learnt a lot from this experience.

7. The Time Travellers Wife by Audrey Niffenegger
- I absolutely love the movie! So when my colleague said she had the novel and it's better than the movie, of course I read it! So, the big question, movie or book, which is better? This is a tough one but I'd say...Movie. Because the book was a bit long winded. And I really like to see Rachel McAdams in the movie. She's one of my favourite actresses. And she's pretty. Haha.

8. Parents who Love Too Much by Jane Nelsen and Cheryl Erwin
- This is a really good book. I've been confused at drawing the line between so called "Western" and "Eastern" parenting, where Western is more lovey dovey and Eastern is more strict. This book teaches balance. And I like what they say about self esteem. You cannot give a child self esteem. No one has high self esteem all the time. You have good days and bad days. You can give them tools to cope when their self esteem is low.

9. A Thousand Pieces of Gold by Adeline Yen Mah
- I bought this because I really enjoyed her first book, Falling Leaves. But this book is different. It tells of the history of China through Proverbs. It took me super long to finish but I'm glad I did. Of the 5 years I spent in a Chinese secondary school I did not care about China history at all. No clue whatsoever. Give me a book in English about China history and I finally learn. Finally.

This is all so far. On the way, 5 Love Languages, Stories from Around the World and (gasp!) a Chinese book  by Shichida about prenatal education.

New Obsession

Wahahaha I have a new obsession. I check this site every time I go online. Yes, every single time. It has saved my a lot of money by ironically spending more money. Haha. It's so convenient and I don't even see the money going out of my pocket (the wonders of online banking). What is it?

So far I have purchased car tint (only 30 bucks), BMS meals, 5 course meals, Spa deals, haircut, body checkup, mani & pedi, holiday to Cherating...Loving it! They're keeping my schedule jam packed with pampering myself sessions haha.

I do work hard and deserve treats ok? =p