Friday, July 22, 2011

Dreams =)

I just finished Glenn Doman's How to Multiply Your Baby's Intelligence. It is inspiring and all I wanna do now is have kids so I can teach my children! But I think I'd be skipping a few steps along the way. LOL. Well instead of just teaching my kids only, I'm gonna open my own child care center and develop geniuses!

Just to brainstorm my ideas (I always jot down ideas in random notebooks which I forget so this time I write it down here):

My center is gonna be a day care for babies onwards - from what I see, there is a great need for it! At this time when the baby's brain is developing rapidly, do you just wanna let your baby stay with a babysitter and watch TV all day? Cos that's what's happening!

Anyway, some components in the schedule: gym time - there'll be physical activities like in tumble tots or gymboree where there's lots of equipment etc. nap time - when children nap, we'll play classical music or other forms of educational videos so that children have subconscious input. There will be flashcard time of various topics from nature, geography, reading, maths, science and we'll teach all three languages since this is the time children can pick up multiple languages best. We'll have lots of educational toys for children to play and pretend play. For older toddlers, we will have Montessori materials as well such as the sensorial and practical life materials (absolutely love them!) There'll be large group time where children sing songs, dance, learn rhymes, listen to stories. Also messy play and arts and crafts and painting and collages and water play and sand play and sensorial tables where children explore and play and discover and LEARN! Parents will also be encouraged to participate together too!