Monday, September 12, 2011

The Power of Caffeine

Not bad eh?

3 hours of sleep + 1 cup of coffee = Work from 8.30am - 7pm with hardly any break!

At least I've already caught up with my slept debt.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Holiday!! =D

My job gives me no annual leaves and public holidays (loooong story). I have 4 weeks of holiday a year though - 6 days actually this time & I enjoyed myself to the fullest!

On Monday, I went to the KLCC Bookfest with my sis, Tracy, her neice and Ivan. Not really for the books, but for the InnerTalk talk. Innertalk is a subliminal self help program thingy, so just to find out more. Bought some photo albums, notebooks and craft stuffs. Opps?

Oh, and we had all you can eat pasta for lunch! Very affordable. Only about 14 bucks for unlimited plates of pasta, drink, salad, soup and ice cream! Yum yum. But because I'm a small eater, only had two servings of pasta (which are quite small). The pasta itself is not bad.

On Tuesday, went to PD with Randall, Tracy and Ivan! Had delicious charsiew rice in Glenmarie and off to PD. We had a scrumptious picnic tea at about 6 and then went back and had steamboat dinner at 8.

Healthy right? The steamboat soup is herbal soup leh! LOL

On Thurs, had Bahkutteh with my grandaunt, aunt and uncle. Stayed at home crafting and playing with my dear little sister. Helped prepare and had a delicious dinner. Went out for a drink at night with Randall. =)

On Fri, went for Cars 2 with the siblings. Window shopped a little and bought more stuff. Opps? HAHA. Btw, Cars 2 was utterly disappointing. Nothing like Cars at all. =(

On Sat, had birthday lunch for my grandma with dad's side family. All the cousins reunited again (at least it wasn't so awkwardly quiet this time). Went to Bangsar and window shopped with Randall. Then we went to the Smokehouse to celebrate my birthday - be-earlied.

Certainly was a week well spent! =)

Ps: I would have put up more pics but my netbook is reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaallyyy laggy. I guess I'm not a good blogger eh?